Russian M44 Carbine

Russian M44 Folding Bayonet Mosin Nagant Carbine



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TYPE OF RIFLE: Russian Mosin Nagant M44 Mosin Nagant Folding Bayonet Carbine


DATE: 1954 dated 

MATCHING PARTS: Barrel, receiver, butt plate, floor plate. Bolt DOES NOT match

IMPORT MARKED: Side of the barrel


WOOD CONDITION: Fine, factory refurbished as evidenced by markings on the butt stock.

BORE CONDITION: Bright and shiny with very strong rifling.


This is a Russian M44 folding bayonet carbine.  The carbine is in really nice condition.  The stock is a newer stock.  It has proof marks all over it and some scratches in the finish but no cracks  The blued condition of the metal is about 80%+.  The carbine has an import marking on the front of the barrel behind the bayonet lug.  It is dated 1954 and has the Hammer and Cycle on the barrel as well.  The tang date looks like it could be an 1896 receiver but it is not clear so we are going to ask for a C&R or FFL on this one.