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Springfield Trapdoor Carbine in 50-70

US Springfield Trapdoor Carbine with Civil War Lockplate in 50-70

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TYPE OF RIFLE: Trapdoor Carbine

 CALIBER: 50-70

 DATE: Lock Plate 1862 and Trap door 1873



 METAL FINISH: Fine 60-70%

 WOOD CONDITION: Large crack rear of the rifle through the saddle ring and wrapping around to the back of the lock plate.  

 BORE CONDITION: Surprisingly bright and shiny with good rifling.


 This Trapdoor carbine is a bit of a mystery.  It has a Civil War dated lock plate and a trapdoor date of 1873.  The stock is in beautiful condition except for the crack that starts at the back of the lock plate and wraps around the trigger guard and around through the bar for the saddle ring and up to the back of the barrel.  There is a faint stock cartouche that is hard to read.  We have tried to identify it but it has characteristics of different models.  It is probably an Allin conversion from a musket.  It has many characteristics of a model 1866.  It is in 50-70 and has a brass front sight blade.  The barrel length is 19 1/2".  The rear sight is a bit of a mystery.  It looks like a modified Model 1870 short rear sight with the sight leaf cut. The M1866 did not have a serial number but this weapon does.  So if you know which model it is, please let us know.  We think it may be a hybrid 1866 and 1870 carbine.  The metal has retained approximately 70% blued finish.  Other then the stock's crack (which seems to have been repaired) is in nice shape.  No real dings or dents.  The stock cartouche is very faint and hard to make out.  It is a great collector's piece even though it has the crack.  This piece came from a private collection.  The gentleman who had this piece, had it in a climate controlled private museum.